Some other bands I was with - any info about anyone - please email me

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My first band - think we were called The Movement

Paul - drums, Ben - bass, John - Lead Guitar, Brian - Rhythm Guitar

No vocals - all instumentals - about late 1963.


The Boomerangs, three Greek guys from Marrickville - sorry, can't remember names (1964? -65?)

Me with white Maton Firebird

email me if you know.

The Dyn????????????, perhaps Dynamites or Dynamics - and the drummer's named was Laurie.

Me with Fender Jaguar (on loan)

At this point is where I went and joined The Morloch


AM (after morloch)

John-guitar (Fender Duo-sonic)-vocals, Kerrie-vocals, Ross- bass(Fender), Ray-keyboard(Farfisa) - actualy it was called a portable organ then.

Not seen is Peter Markcrow on drums,

at some gig for Jolly Green Giant (Frozen Food promo?) Where are you all???

We were called The Movement. Actually, we recorded a few tracks with Dal Myles but failure to agree on terms of contract meant it was never released.

If you still have it Dal, I would love to hear it.


From here it was a few other bands and eventually Col Paterson and Patersons People

Col Paterson - Vocals, John Szalay (Zed) - Guitar, Peter Markcrow - Drums, 2 different guys on Bass - names slip my mind at the moment.

Have a photo somewhere - will find later.

Spent MANY years in clubs, pubs, weddings and parties around Sutherland area.

Where are you Col?